Fiber Optic Recycling Tech Has Arrived!
Corporations Are Using Our Technology
to Dispose 
and Recycle Their Fiber Optic Scrap
Fiber Optic Recycling Tech Has Arrived!
Corporations Are Saving Millions With Our Patented
Fiber Optic Recycling Technology
"Go Green" and Save Millions with Our
Fiber Optic Recycling Technology
Fiber Optic Cable
We are one of the only companies that not only recycles your fiber packaging, but also the fiber optic product itself.
Plastic Spools/Reels
No matter what type of product reels or housing your fiber product might housed in, we have the ability to clean, santize and refurbish it.
Plastic Totes & Covers
Our unique process is able to make your plastic totes and covers look almost brand new each time we refurbish them.
Copper Spools/Reels
Net Recycling can recycle all packaging and copper reel product and return your packaging to you, sanitized and ready for reuse.
Why Not Increase Your Bottom Line
with Fiber Optic Recycling?
The Return on Investment from Fiber Recycling is Apparent to the Companies We Serve.  By Mitigating Landfill Usage, Your Company Benefits From Saving Money on Refurbished Packaging and Fully Recycling 100% of Your Unused Fiber Product.

Our Facility is Currently Capable of Processing 90,000 Spools Per Month.
Our Fiber Recycling and Disposal System is Patent-Pending 
Net Recycling currently has two patents pending, in which our recycling technology processes millions of yards of materials each month for some of the largest fiber manufacturing companies.

We use our innovative "Rapid Despooling" system to unwind fiber spools in seconds and refurbish spooling and packing materials within a matter of minutes.

Our "Fiber Chopper System" is a truly innovative system that is the first of its kind.  Our mechanized process chops and crushes fiber material into easily disposable material that is ready for the end recycling process.
Industrial Fiber Recycling Services:
  • Fiber Optic Cable Recycling
  • Plastic Spools/Reel Recycling
  • Plastic Totes
  •  Plastic Covers (Single & Double)
  •  Copper Spools/Reels
How Our Services Work
Net Recycling is one of the only companies to recycle Fiber Optic Cable and Fiber scrap. We also assist the Fiber Optic Industries recycle all the packing material that protect the integrity of the cable. 

The fiber scrap recycling process is handled from A to Z by setting up the logistics for picking up and delivering to our and their facilities. Once the product reaches our warehouse we will then unwind the cable off the spool/reel, remove all the old bar codes, clean the spool/reel with isopropylarene alcohol which is completely safe, we then gauge and inspect all spool/reels then palatize and package up to ship back to the customer. We do this not only for the spool/reel but for all the protective housing for the Fiber Optic Spools.

Furthermore, our isopropylarene alcohol sanitizing and label removal process leaves no sticky residue. 
We've Been Industry Experts Since 2007
Net Recycling was founded by Thomas Gardner in 2007, after decades of experience in the logistics industry.  As disposal problems mounted with the explosion of fiber optic production, Tom was determined to innovate a solution that could both create value and profit for companies, as well as protect the environment.  Our efforts are being nationally recognized by some of the largest fiber manufacturers and distributors in the industry.
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